Why Us?

In today’s globalized world, business interactions have become easier, yet complicated. It’s highly important to keep your feet on the production site as well as on your target markets in case you’re sourcing goods from other countries or selling goods to them.

Filadora is known for being engaged with 1st class clients and suppliers only. In time, we have managed to turn mid-range suppliers into 1st class suppliers by guiding them to the correct routes in terms of product and service quality. Similarly, we have turned many “potential buyers” to “active buyers” by orientations and trust.

Today, many foreign producers have explored the opportunities in the Turkish Market under our guidance, and many buyers have enjoyed the advantages of getting lower costs for their fabrics no matter in which field they operate.

We’re proud to say that we serve to the best and completely reliable buyers, and suppliers within a specific line where product and service quality is at world standards. Because we value expectations of both our clients and suppliers, and we make no false promises. This has led Filadora to success because we believe that the business is where you make a difference.