How We Work

Filadora is an International Trading Company specialized in apparel fabrics. We are dealing with dual-way trading activities on a variety of woven fabrics and textiles for apparel end use. The company enjoys a vast number of supply points and constantly serves to local buyers as well as international clients on the basis of quality-price satisfaction.

F iladora is an International Trading Company specialized in apparel fabrics and further, one of the leading textile sourcing and sales agencies in Turkey. While working as sourcing and marketing professionals in the textile sector, the members of the company gained extensive experience and established strong relationships in many countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Morocco, EU, Thailand, Mauritius and Philippines with an ascending level of success throughout the years, and extended the sourcing and sales network to other parts of the world as well.
W e have the expertise on cotton and cotton blended fabrics. In addition to basic commodity items, we also source & sell fancy and sophisticated fabrics. We’re in close contact with hi-rep designers regarding the new fabric developments. We’re also actively using the best tools to keep up with the world of fashion in order to remain one step ahead to recognize the latest fashion trends in fabrics and fashion industry, and adapting them to our business quickly. Such instruments enable us to make a difference in the market.
O ur customer base is combined of local converters, dyeing and printing mills as well as large-scale traders. Our finished fabrics mostly sold to the garment industry for exports and local market as well.
Go beyond the borders with Filadora!
O n the marketing side of the story, our present sales range includes woven fabrics in pure cotton and blends such as; poplins, voiles, satins, twills, T/C fabrics, and denims as a separate range. Our main markets for sales are Istanbul, Bursa, Denizli, Adana and Izmir in local, and Mauritius, Morocco and EU for export sales. Our sales and supply chain operates in a sense that "it's never enough!", so we're always extending our sources to engage new customers as well as new suppliers.